Black Book of Cards Review
The Black Book of Cards is a playing card deck made up of 52 playing cards, two jokers, as well as two cards that assign you a personal card based on your birthday. Also available in the Kickstarter campaign are art prints of the various card faces, limited edition wax sealed decks, and a portofino case.

I only received the standard Black Book of Cards with no special editions or casing.


Printed on BeeĀ® casino card stock, the Black Book of Cards includes all of the cards that a standard deck of cards comes with and can therefore can be used to play all the same games. This is a high quality deck of cards that is a smooth shuffle and resistant to moisture though not fully water proof. The cards are hard to read at a glance. I’ve tried playing poker with these cards and it proved difficult because of the black and white color scheme. Not only are all the suits the same color but the type pattern design makes it tough to read the value of the cards placed on the table.

The Black Book of Cards also come with a pair of cards that allow you to find out what your ‘birthday card’ is. This serves a similar purpose as the common practiced astrology, which is a long-winded way of saying nothing really, but they satisfy a brief curiosity.


Black Book of Cards Design ReviewThese cards were designed as pieces of art, and in that sense, they are a huge success. The practical flaws are made up for with how good these cards look. Each and every card face is meticulously designed with a Highway Gothic font shaped and crafted to articulate the suit and value of the card. The backside of the cards sport a black wood finish which compliments the busy faces.

The deck comes in a tuck case made up to look like a black leather book. It has a neat texture to add to to illusion of leather and the spine is printed as book pages.

Where Can You Buy Them?

The official Kickstarter campaign for The Black Book of Cards has ended though due to it’s success you can buy your own deck at

Visit The Black Book of Cards website


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