IceScreen Review
The iceScreen is a windsheild cover that prevents your car windsheild from icing up over night or any extended period of time. The iceScreen will save you time and evergy in those tough icy mornings that every cold-weather resident is familiar with. As an additional feature it also doubles as a sun screen when it’s flipped over to help keep your car cool in the summer.

Receiving the iceScreen at the end of October, I was worried that I would not get to test it properly for a review. Fortunately (or unfortunatly depending on who you ask), here in Southern Ontario we recieved our first few inches of snow on October 28th. As a result, I was able to test the iceScreen to it’s fullest ability.


I’ve never been a fan of those big foldable screens that you place inside your car to keep the sun out in the summer time. They were big, clunky, and made your car look sloppy. The iceScreen fits tightly to your windsheild, comes in 4 different colors, and is much sleaker looking than the classic sun screens.

icescreen colorsThe iceScreen fits the windsheild nicely and as a result, looks like it was custom made for your car. Different cars will require different sizes and the iceScreen comes in a variety of sizes. Make sure to get the right size for your vehicle.


The most important question for the iceScreen is, is it faster and/or easier than scraping the ice off of your car every morning. The answer is yes, it is. While I am yet to test the iceScreen in the harshest of winter conditions (those will be here soon) I have had a couple nights of snowfall and in the morning my car winsheild was clear while the other 3 cars in my household had a light frost covering them.

The iceScreen won’t completely rid you of ice scraping of course. You will likely still need to scrape the side and rear windows for optimal safe driving.

icescreen practicality reviewThe iceScreen also doubles as a sun refelctor on the reverse side so it can be used in the summer time to keep your vehicle cool. The best part about this feature is not only the 2-for-1 use but that the sun refelctor shares the tight, sleak look as the iceScreen. A much improved aesthetic than the classic, bulky alternatives mentioned the the style section.

The iceScreen has a built in storage pouch. Much like trying to fit a new tent into the tight boxes that they come in, it’s never quite the same as when you first unpack it. With that said, the pouch will help compact the iseScreen into a smaller space when not in use. I find myself simply rolling up the iceScreen and throwing it in the trunk to keep packing it and unpacking it as fast as possible.

ice screen clear reviewMaybe the best part of the iceScreen however is not simply the time and energy it saves, but just how clean it keeps your windsheild. Most people cut corners when scraping their windshields leaving ice or frost around the perimeter. The iceScreen will leave a completely clear windsheild.

Where Can You Get One?

The iceScreen is available on Kickstarter until November 9 2014. Follow the link below to visit the page.

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the orb review
The Orb is a precision machined spherical keepsake container. Made of aerospace aluminum alloy on a computer controlled lathe, The Orb has an inside diameter of nearly 35mm making it useful for holding small objects such as rings or collectable coins.


The Orb is a solid two-piece aluminum construction. Precision machined with a +- .0005 inch allignment keeps The Orb really tight when screwed closed. It is hard to see the division line at a glance, this is a good thing giving an illusion of a solid sphere when closed. The Orb is type II anodized to protect from corosion which will keep it from rusting or deteriorating in the years to come.


The Orb is a small sphere that is only capable of holding small objects such as rings, coins, or maybe a little bit of emergency cash. The Orb makers make a joke that it can also hold your bitcoins. In this sense it is a very limited form of storage. I don’t wear any rings or own any special coins I would choose to store in the orb so I found very few uses for it. If you choose to store something valuable such as a ring, you will still need to store The Orb somewhere safe as it is a sphere and won’t work as a display for your objects because it will roll around. The Orb does provide protection for valuables as it is hard aluminum but not much more than a clasic ring box.


 Where Can You Get One?

The Orb was successfully funded on October 1st 2014 reaching over 5x it’s funding goal. The Orb is now available on Etsy. Click the button below to order yours today.

Order The Orb


Midnight Scoop Review
The Midnight Scoop by Michael Chou is a heavy duty ice cream scooper designed to take the load off of your wrist when scooping hard ice cream thanks to it’s ergonomic handle that allows you to push the scooper rather than prying the ice cream.


I am always surprised at how easily ice cream scoops break. I buy a new ice cream scoop about once a year usually because of the plastic handle snapping or cheap screws falling out and getting lost.

With that said, The Midnight Scoop will most likley last you through the apocalypse (although I am yet to test this theory). Made from solid aluminum, The Midnight Scoop has no plastic, and no small parts to break off even in the most extreme of circumstances. The campaign video even includes a clip of a truck running over The Midnight Scoop.



The inital run of Midnight Scoops comes in Natural, Ebony (black), Graphite, and Moonstone (white). I recieved the natual aluminum color and it is a very nice ice cream scoop. The fat handle allows the ergonomically friendly ability to push the scoop rather than scrap which relieves pressure off of the wrist and makes scooping hard ice cream easier. As someone who eats ice cream a few times a month, pressure on my wrist from scooping ice cream isn’t something I’ve ever had to worry about. Someone who owns an ice cream shop would indeed have issues with their wrist after full days of scooping ice cream and certainly would want to be more safe than sorry over the years as the wrists are a delicate joint prone to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Where Can You Get One?

The Midnight Scoop is available on Kickstarter until October 2nd. After the funding date has finished, you can visit

Pledge Now to Get a Midnight Scoop


Stand your bicycle upright anywhere without the ugly kickstand.

Bicyclick Review
The Bicyclick bicycle stand system is an alternative method to standing up your bike without the traditional kickstand. It allows you to stand your bike upright anywhere, on any terrain, and even on sloped surfaces with the use of a simple rubber band.

The bicyclick is made up of two parts which vary slightly depending on your setup. There is a wall mount, a mountain bike version, and a street cycle version.


The Bicyclick is made of hard plastic with metal screws for assembly. The plastic is strong and can hold up to some abuse which is important for riders like me who, let’s just say, need to wear a helmet. I did a couple experimental drops of my bike with the Bicyclick installed to test it’s durability. No damage was done when dropped on dirt or grass. A small piece chipped off when dropped on cement but the part remained functional.


bicyclick-officeThe Bicyclick works as advertised. You can connect two bikes nearly anywhere. Bikes of different heights can still connect though must be relatively close in height or else the bikes will lean on too steep an angle and fall over. The click base is a nice alternative for those who need to park the their bike indoors. I know many people who park their bike in apartment buildings or offices, the click base would allow them to place the bike in a designated spot, protect their walls, and prevent it getting knocked over regularly by pets or small children.

The Bicyclick doesn’t completely replace traditional kickstands. If you find yourself a single rider with no click base then your going to need to resort back to trees, walls, or the ground to rest your bike. With that said, I do prefer the subtlety of the Bicyclick to a clunky bike stand and will use it mainly at the office and my garage to keep my bike from getting knocked around by the activity that surrounds it.

Where Can You Get One?

The Bicyclick is available on Kickstarter until September 19th 2014. The first pledge that will get you the item is $17 USD. A brand new pledge level has just been added for $30 USD that will get you a limited edition Kickstarter model with the Kickstarter “K” printed on the Bicyclick. Follow the link below to get your Bicyclick on Kickstarter.

Pledge Now To Get Your Bicyclick

Wine Bottle Balancer
These CNC Oak Wine Balancers are made by a gentleman named Mike Porzondek. Mike run’s a wood carving company called

The beauty of this Kickstarter campaign comes in it’s simplicity. These wine balancers are a single piece of oak wood carved into various shapes that, when a wine bottle is properly placed, balance in a way that make it look as though it is defying physics.


The wine balancers are CNC machine designed out of a single piece of Oak wood. They are solidly built and the high quality is apparent right out of the box. These wine balancers will last forever as long as you take relatively good care of them, keep them indoors and, while they don’t chip easily, storing them with other heavy sharp objects would not be advised (I would imagine using them as target practice might prove to be a bad idea).


The phrase that kept coming up as I showed off my wine balancer was “conversation piece”. The fine red oak wood is elegant enough that it fits nicely in your dining room although it could easily work just as well as a bar piece. Someone suggested to me that a piece should be installed that would allow the stand to remain upright even without a wine bottle. Personally I couldn’t disagree more, the balance is the fun part, if the stand didn’t fall while bottle-less it would lose a bit of it’s magic.


Wine Bottle Balancer ReviewThe wine balancer is available as a wine bottle shape, lighthouse, fish, and a guitar at the lowest pledge level of receiving a balancer. The next level unlocks a plain rectangle which a simplistic but elegant looking piece while the level after that opens up the option for your favorite U.S. state.

The highest pledge will get you a 7″x28″ AR-15 machine gun wine balancer. The AR-15 is quite a bit bigger than the other wine balancers and would make a truly awesome addition to any man-cave or sports bar.

Where Can You Get One?

The Machined Wine Bottle Balancer is available  on Kickstarter until the end of August. With a pledge goal of only $1000 The Wine Bottle Balancer should have no problem meeting it’s goal if it get’s the proper exposure. Follow the link below to pledge now and help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family.

Pledge Now To Get Your Wine Bottle Balancer

Ridge Wallet Review
The Ridge Wallet is one of the many minimalist wallets on Kickstarter and it is a true minimalist wallet. Designed by a father/son team with the goal of making a modern wallet that cuts down on bulk and clutter, the Ridge succeeds where others have failed, and excels in the competitive market of Kickstarted minimalist wallets.

When I went looking for a new wallet to replace my traditional bi-fold, I wanted something that was even smaller but still held everything I needed. I needed something that was cooler than the wallet I had been sporting for the last 10 years, the classic wallet made famous by Pulp Fiction, but also something that stood out from the plain leather wallets that every “grown up” carries around.

The Ridge is made of two machined plates with a single elastic that runs along the interior and provides the force that holds the cards in place. The plates come in aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. 7 small hex screws hold it all together with two options of money clips as well as a no money clip version.

Visually Stunning

The Ridge comes in a variety of styles and colors. From Gunmetal Titanium, to Pink Aluminum, to a sleek Carbon Fiber, there is certainly a style to fit your preferences and personality. I opted for the Carbon Fiber option and was not disappointed. This wallet is as stunning in person as it appears in the pictures, I have not shown it to anyone who was not impressed and intrigued.

Ridge Wallet Review Color Options1
Ridge Wallet Review Color Options2

Build Quality

Ridge Wallet Quality ReviewMy main concern when ordering my wallet was the small screws coming loose and band keeping it’s elasticity. I keep my wallet in the same pocket as my car keys so it takes a reasonable amount of abuse. If the screws were to come loose I would most certainly lose them as they are very small and, while Ridge offers a replacement screw set for $9.00, I was too stubborn to order it with my wallet. If the elastic band were to weaken over time it would mean my credit card, bank card, and other valuable cards would be at risk of falling out and not only getting lost but would also make me vulnerable to fraudulent charges to my accounts.

I have been using The Ridge everyday for nearly 6 months and have had precisely zero problems. Not only have I not experienced any loose screws or deterioration of my elastic, but my wallet is surprisingly scratch free. My money clip also has not been damaged or compromised at all and still holds cash as well as it did one day one.

 How Practical Is It?

Ridge Wallet Easy Access ReviewYou’re almost always going to need to sacrifice when choosing to switch to a minimalist wallet. I have stuffed up to 10 cards into my wallet but prefer to keep it down to 5-6.

I chose to purchase the spring loaded money clip so I have a spot for my cash and it works like a charm. The finger hole at the bottom allows you to easily pop up the cards providing quick access to your two most important cards and if you raise all the cards and pinch the bottom of the wallet, it will spread your cards giving you easy access to the middle cards as well. As someone with very large hands (and therefore fingers), the spread method isn’t quite as quick as it appears in the video but it does work.

This wallet also provides RFID protection in case your paranoid of people stealing your bank information off of those new tap-to-pay cards. The extra protection does provide a nice piece of mind.

 Where can You Get One?

The Ridge Kickstarter has ended and was a huge success. You can now purchase the wallet online at

Visit The Ridge Website

Black Book of Cards Review
The Black Book of Cards is a playing card deck made up of 52 playing cards, two jokers, as well as two cards that assign you a personal card based on your birthday. Also available in the Kickstarter campaign are art prints of the various card faces, limited edition wax sealed decks, and a portofino case.

I only received the standard Black Book of Cards with no special editions or casing.


Printed on Bee® casino card stock, the Black Book of Cards includes all of the cards that a standard deck of cards comes with and can therefore can be used to play all the same games. This is a high quality deck of cards that is a smooth shuffle and resistant to moisture though not fully water proof. The cards are hard to read at a glance. I’ve tried playing poker with these cards and it proved difficult because of the black and white color scheme. Not only are all the suits the same color but the type pattern design makes it tough to read the value of the cards placed on the table.

The Black Book of Cards also come with a pair of cards that allow you to find out what your ‘birthday card’ is. This serves a similar purpose as the common practiced astrology, which is a long-winded way of saying nothing really, but they satisfy a brief curiosity.


Black Book of Cards Design ReviewThese cards were designed as pieces of art, and in that sense, they are a huge success. The practical flaws are made up for with how good these cards look. Each and every card face is meticulously designed with a Highway Gothic font shaped and crafted to articulate the suit and value of the card. The backside of the cards sport a black wood finish which compliments the busy faces.

The deck comes in a tuck case made up to look like a black leather book. It has a neat texture to add to to illusion of leather and the spine is printed as book pages.

Where Can You Buy Them?

The official Kickstarter campaign for The Black Book of Cards has ended though due to it’s success you can buy your own deck at

Visit The Black Book of Cards website


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