Kickstarter.Reviews Style Guide

Kickstarter.Reviews Style Guide

Welcome to the Kickstarter.Review style guide. Here you can download Badges of Authority and Calls-to-action to draw attention to your review or the K.R stamp of approval to put on your product. found that Badges of Authority can increase conversion by 72%. discovered that consumers who read reviews are 105% more likely to convert.

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Fullwidth Kickstarter 700×100

This set is specifically designed to fit the full width of a Kickstarter campaign. Use these to link to your review from your Kickstarter campaign page.







Badges 250×250

Badges of Trust increase conversion on a website. These are a collection of badges to sport on your website, include on images, or really anywhere you want to show that your project was reviewed on Kickstarter.Reviews.









Download Complete Style Guide (70 kb)